10 Best Career Options after Online MCA Course

Online MCA Course

Online MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) is one of the best online degree course that focuses on highest education in the field of computer science and application. Online MCA helps train candidates in programming, applications, as well as research skills and abilities from an IT industry perspective.

There are multiple career options open for online MCA graduates in multiple industries. In this blog, we’ll discuss the 10 Best Career Options After Online MCA and the responsibilities associated with the job roles.

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Top 10 Career Options After Online MCA

1) Software Developer

Software developer after Online MCA is considered one of the most reputed job profiles in the industry. There is high demand for this job role as everything running around is now software-dependent.


  • Creating, programming, and maintaining software
  • Produce and review codes. 
  • Software debugging when any issue comes in
  • Identifying software needs

 Average Annual Salary- 8 Lakhs INR.

2) Data scientist

A data scientist job profile requires high-level technical skills. Strong foundation in programming languages, mathematics, and statistics.


  • Collection and analysis of data using technical and programming skills
  • Identifying trends and patterns
  • Collaborating with different technical and development teams

Average Annual Salary- 12 Lakhs INR.

3) Computer hardware engineer

Computer hardware engineering requires more practical knowledge and experience with computer parts and circuit boards. Job roles also revolve around designing and developing components.


  • Testing and repairing computer hardware
  • Designing new components
  • Making changes and updating hardware
  • Collaborating with software developers

 Average Annual Salary- 7 Lakhs INR.

4) Analyst

This job profile demands management skills. Providing business solutions and doing analysis of data is the main defined role.


  • Preparation of reports after deep analysis and understanding of data
  • Coming up with areas for improvement
  • Identify and solve problems regarding any data.
  • Maintaining database

 Average Annual Salary- 6 Lakhs INR.

5) Web designer

The role of a web designer is mainly to create good visual and user-friendly websites to attract users and potential customers.


  • Maintaining the content management system, working on website SEO, and visuals.
  • Creating responsive landing pages for the website.
  • Regular website analysis and reporting
  • collaborating with the content and design teams

Average Annual Salary- 5 Lakhs INR.

6) Technical writer

The technical writer works on the website content, mainly defining features of products and services.


  • Research and educate the customers with the content.
  • Prioritizing feedback from users and making changes
  • Creating different kinds of media. For example, charts, graphs, etc.

Average Annual Salary- 8 Lakhs INR.

7) Ethical Hacker

Ethical hackers’s main role is to provide security for digital products and web applications using ethical hacking techniques.


  • Securing company’s sensitive data using ethical methods
  • Identifying system weaknesses for future protection
  • Rating and security structure of the company

 Average Annual Salary- 6 Lakhs INR.

8) Database Engineer

A database engineer manages the regulation of data in the company. Creates methods for enterprise databases and warehouse systems.


  • Increase database storage capacity.
  • Create and improve databases.
  • Create backup and recovery options in case of data loss.
  • Integrating new data with existing ones.

 Average Annual  Salary- 8 Lakhs INR.

9) Social media manager

The role of a social media manager is to manage all social media channels of the company, e.g., Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


  • Manage content on social media.
  • Assigning work to teams on particular social media channels
  • Develop advertising strategies and implement them.
  • Regulation of the content framework

 Average Annual  Salary- 6 Lakhs INR.

10) Cloud Architect 

A cloud architect develops and maintains cloud computing systems for companies. Determining plans, designs, and implementations.


  • Integration of components
  • Consulting companies about trends and issues.
  • Contract negotiations and collaboration with the legal team

 Average Annual Salary- 20 Lakhs INR.


In conclusion, we get to know about the 10 best career options after online MCA. We talked about multiple options, their roles and responsibilities, and the placement solution in online education.

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