How To Become A Software Engineer After 12th?

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Software engineering is a high-paying job and hence attracts many applicants who want to pursue Software Engineering to make their career. Software engineering is the computer science branch mainly concerned with designing, developing, testing, and maintaining software applications. One has to apply the principles and programming language to develop software like business applications, network control systems, middleware, games, and operating systems and technical issues faced by software. 

To be a Software Engineer, the applicant has to pursue a full-time BTech (Bachelor of Technology), 4-year graduation program, or a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) 3-year graduation program. Suppose any student can’t afford a regular BTech or BCA program due to financial or personal issues. In that case, there are many advanced diplomas and online BCA programs offered by many approved universities in India that are qualified for higher education after having professional working experience to be an esteemed software engineer. 

Online BCA Program

As per the guidelines issued by the Universal Grant Commission(UGC), Online BTech isn’t approved in India. This can’t stop an enthusiast from becoming a Software Engineer. As an alternative, Bachelor in Computer Applications is the popular choice among the aspirants to secure their future. Students are suggested to pursue a 3-year Online BCA because this is valid in India if reorganized from UGC and the program providers have approvals from NIRF and NAAC. Before applying must check the approvals, or else the dream of becoming a software engineer will be shattered. 

Online BCA program is considered equal in value to Regular BCA program. Furthermore, improvement in Information and Technology helps to design the course through which learners can develop the right skill set to meet the job requirements in the future.  Here are the benefits of pursuing Online BCA: 

  • Learning Management Systems(LMS): it is easier to learn technical skills because updated study material is shared with applicants. Nevertheless, regular live classes are provided. In case students are unable to attend those classes. They are provided with facilities such as recording lectures and can ask their queries later. 
  • Coursera or Edx: Online courses from platforms like Edx and Coursera are Included. 
  • Highly Qualified Panel includes faculties and experts or eminent professionals in their fields. 
  • Placement Assistance: placement support is extended to the Online BCA program. 

Distance BCA Program

Distance BCA is an affordable choice for aspirants to complete their education in the field of their interest. There are universities like IGNOU that offer BCA programs at the lowest possible course in India. While enrolling for the Distance BCA, students must consider these factors: 

  • Learning Management Systems: not all universities and colleges are providing the LMS. 
  • Placement support: no placement support is offered. 
  • Faculty: it is difficult to have direct communication with the professors to make inquiries. 

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Online Advanced Diploma 

There are advanced diplomas in the field of Computer Applications provided by universities such as Kurukshetra University and Lovely Professional University(LPU).  Generally, Online Advanced Diploma courses offer training in the fundamentals of computer technology and its applications just to start a career at entry-level positions. The duration of the Online Advanced Diploma can be between 6 months to a year. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Online BCA and Distance BCA: students must have completed their 12 standards from an educational institute approved by the regulatory body. 
  • Advanced Online Diploma: students should have completed their higher secondary education or undergraduate from approved educational institutes/ universities. 

Online BCA Specialization 

Here are the different domains that can be applied by the interested candidates: 

  • Online BCA In Cyber Security
  • Online BCA In Cloud Security
  • Online BCA  In Multimedia and Animation
  • Online BCA In Data Analytics
  • Online BCA  In Database Management
  • Online BCA  In AI and ML
  • Online BCA  In Data Science

Online BCA Academic Fees

Online BCA program is cost-effective. It costs between INR 50,000 and INR 2,00,000. Universities fees vary due to the facilities and exposure given to the students. The admission fee is decided after considering factors like faculties, study material, experts/ professionals from the field, and program length. 

Top Universities to Get Admission to Online BCA 

Online BCA program is available in these universities: 

  • Amity University Online
  • Online Manipal
  • Lovely Professional University Online
  • Amrita Ahead Online
  • Shoolini University Online
  • Vignan University 


Anyone putting the right effort into learning the skills can become a software engineer. They can enroll in the Online BCA program. After completion, they can opt for working opportunities like internships and entry-level jobs to enter their preferred domain to make their career. Later can pursue higher qualifications if possible. 

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