How can Women Achieve Empowerment through Online MBA?

Women Empowerment

The next revolution that a program like an online MBA could bring about is women’s empowerment. Online MBA has changed the reality for aspiring management professionals who have more avenues to look for when it comes to management education. 

Similarly among these, a major demographic belongs to womankind. As we are breaking towards the end of patriarchy every day, new opportunities have risen up step-by-step for women in the past 100 years. We have come to the point where a woman can fly a fighter aircraft in India, a woman is the vice president of the world’s strongest nation, a woman leads a beauty e-commerce platform, etc. 

This post is gonna discuss how an online MBA degree is going to help achieve great heights for ladies leaders. The following sections will explain how online MBA can contribute towards women empowerment.

Empowerment of Housewives

We often see that women quit their jobs after marriage and get involved with handling their household. But managing a household makes them street smart and side by side develops their managerial acumen. Activities such as cooking, cleaning, washing, assorting, etc. that keep the house intact are as good as being a management professional. 

Since housewives cannot leave their households to upskill & study, the introduction of online MBA in recent times has made it possible for housewives to come get back on track with their careers with the added advantage of handling studies and understanding the methods of decision-making and management. Once completed the course they can give themselves a fresh start and contribute their earnings towards the household just like their husbands.

Men to Women Ratio among Management professionals

As the popularity of online MBA increases, more aspiring management professionals will take up this course. This could fulfil the demand of management professionals. Initiatives are being taken by the government and NGOs for more women to contribute towards the economy to such a level that they surpass men and achieve parity. 

With the spirit of this parity, in the next few decades, women could achieve parity among management professionals from the current average men-to-women ratio of 60 to 40, to 50:50. This parity could uplift women from the shackles of patriarchal oppression and make a difference in the legacy of womankind.

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Encouraging Entrepreneurship

A woman business owner can upscale her business by knowing more about marketing skills, operations management, etc. An online MBA will give her exposure to knowing how she could optimize her sales, create an impact locally, and if left with a spare room for expansion, the brand of her business might grow. Networking with fellow batchmates and faculty could increase more connections that might enhance the company’s growth. Being a business owner will inspire more women to start their own businesses thus creating an employer culture among women that could change the gender ecosystem in business where women are leading and contributing towards the economy. Some of the great examples are Nykaa, ‘Sugar’, Biocon, etc.

Women-centric NGOs

Running an NGO by Non-Profit professionals takes a lot of management knowledge and skills. NGOs that are centred around women are based on issues such as economic inequality, disabilities, homelessness, education access, etc. 

An online MBA degree could teach the ones who run NGOs how to manage people and inventories through subjects like HRM (Human Resources Management).  By upskilling the NGO could prosper efficiently and the operations aspect should have a good foundation.

Distance MBA Learning

The Distance MBA program is beneficial for those who cannot pursue management education in the traditional way and want to upskill without abandoning their current responsibilities such as housework, jobs, etc. The advantage of learning in the distance format is that the student could experientially learn management knowledge and develop management skills at his/her own pace. The ease of studying at home removes the hardship of travelling back and forth to college. Distance MBAs give the opportunity for students to diversify their thinking through subjects such as marketing, operations management, human resources, financial accounting, etc that expose them to the avenues in which they are going to apply their skills and knowledge.


There are several avenues that an online MBA could open to empower women and fight patriarchy. Changing the system from within is what’s required to uplift women towards parity by giving them inclusion step by step. The world is run by people in managerial positions making decisions every minute. Hence the more female managerial leaders are made, they will leave a legacy for more women to be inspired and make a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is an Online MBA degree acceptable in India?

Yes, an online MBA degree has been acceptable since 2018 when UGC announced that regular degrees, online degrees, and distance degrees have equal value.

Are the syllabus and faculty of an online MBA degree the same as regular ones?

Yes, the syllabus of the online MBA degree is the same as a regular degree and the faculty is almost the same in both cases.

Which one is cheap? Online MBA degree or Regular MBA degree?

The Online MBA degree is cheaper compared to a regular MBA degree because of the convenience of attending classes at home and the student doesn’t have to travel.

Are the exams for online MBA conducted online or offline?

Depending on the university it could either be held at home in a proctored method or the student has to go to the campus and write the exam in offline mode.

Which demographic benefits the most when it comes to pursuing an online MBA degree?

The major demographic that could pursue online MBA to their career advantage are the working professionals who are looking to upskill themselves towards taking up roles of senior-level managers and decision-makers in the field of management.

In what ways does a housewife find the concepts of online MBA familiar to her handling of home? Explain through an example.

Handling the integrity of a home is similar to operations, in which the house has to stay intact in order to remain in stability which is the ultimate goal. In corporates, stability is the key for the ones who run operations where they have to make the most out of what they have and make it a profitable enterprise.

How could women-centric NGOs apply management skills to run it?

Depending on the issues they tackle on a day-to-day basis, a non-profit professional could assign each member a task and make sure they carry it out within a deadline. Then when it comes to the inventory, the Non-profit professional has to cut a balance between the demand and the requirements in order to sustain the NGO’s resources for future projects.

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