List Down The Reasons For The Rise of Online Education in India

Online Education

Online education took a surge during the COVID period for students to learn and grow even when the world faced harsh times, pandemics and quarantines. Well, an online Education is most significantly studied in Indian society as it helps people to see their future in the business or marketing field. As the researchers believe, getting knowledge theoretically is important before starting to work in the market field. 

If we consider the Indian market, people are seeking their studies and interests in the different fields of Education. Our dearest Prime Minister, Narender Modi also wants to see Indian youth as Aatmanirbhar Bharat which motivates the students to pursue an Education which ultimately makes them think for their startups supporting the slogan “Padhega Bharat tabhi to Badhega Bharat”. 

Major highlights for pursuing an Online Education

Online Education provides a platform to students who want to study along with their jobs as they want their skills to get updated and to become more qualified for their desired job roles or to become entrepreneurs. It provides completely flexible studying according to their free time. Also, students get enough time to manage their day-to-day routines more easily. 

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People seeking to go for business or to become entrepreneurs need to network to expand their brands or start-ups. So, pursuing an online Education provides them with diverse tutors who can help them make contact which will increase their network to take their business to the top. Apart from that, it will increase their skills or level up their skills to grow both professionally and personally. Skill is something that makes an individual different from another which makes them think of new and innovative ideas for the business and also to grow.

As one already knows this 21st century is all about competition and growth, and Education is one of the trendiest courses of its time that helps the youth or students, we can say.

Offline courses are considered best to continue with but in today’s era, the online education market is leading the society. However, it does not mean that the offline classes are not good. Online classes help students learn more about the technical tools that help them in the future to shine as bright as the Sun and may lead to their job profiles. It also provides the student with more interactive classes due to the use of online platforms and several tools. Through this, they get to know more about the latest tools and technologies and get familiar with them. Any company would offer their expected salary in hands if the candidate has the required knowledge. 

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In conclusion, why would anyone not want to get high-paying jobs unless they dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Online Education is one of the trending courses of this era as it provides them most of the advantages to excel in their life to get a life that they have been dreaming of since their childhood. As someone said, “Knowledge is the key to success” and only it can lead one to their desired lifestyle along with some hard work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Online Education worth it in India? 

Yes, online education is worth it in India for many reasons such as flexibility, you can study at your own time and pace, the next is affordability, Online education is much more affordable in comparison to the regular program because in Online education, no physical infrastructure is needed and you can even save on your transportation costs as you do not have to travel daily to college. 

Is Online education or online degrees valid in India? 

Yes, if you are planning to pursue an online program, so your degree will be completely valid in India if you have earned it from a government-recognized online university. The approvals that are required are UGC-DEB, NAAC, and AICTE before confirming any university it is advised for you to check the approvals of the university. 

Is Online education good or bad? 

Of course, it is good because firstly it offers you various advantages, and the second reason is you do not have to quit your job to pursue an Online program. 

How can we access study material in an online education? 

It is very easy for you to access the study materials required as various universities offer you the web portal named as “LMS”. It stands for Learning Management System and you can access all the required study materials through it. All you need is a device like a laptop, a mobile phone, and the internet. 

Will HR recognize my online degree? 

Yes, definitely your degree will be recognized by HR because today having a skill set is much more important than the mode of education you choose to get it. 

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