The Top 10 Government Jobs You Could Do After Your 12th


In the present competitive employment market getting a job in the government is the goal of lots of.

Evaluation and Eligibility

For eligibility, candidates must be in the 12th grade and then have an undergraduate degree in any field. The test comprises three phases: Prelims, Mains, and the Test of Personality Test (Interview). It assesses the candidate’s skills as well as aptitude and capacity to make a decision.

Defence Services

  • Enrolling in the Armed Forces

If you’re committed to serving your country and you’re physically fit, a position with the Defence Services could be your choice. Three main branches comprise those of the Indian Army, Indian Navy Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force. The criteria for eligibility may differ however a 12th grade is the minimum required for most posts. The positions offer excitement as well as discipline and the possibility of safeguarding your nation.

Bank Jobs

  • A Career in Finance

The banking industry is a steady and satisfying job choice. When you have completed your 12th-grade exam, you are eligible to take examinations in the banking industry conducted by companies such as the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) as well as the State Bank of India (SBI).

  • How To Begin

Candidates must have strong quantitative and analytical abilities. Posts such as Probationary Officers (PO) and Clerks are readily available. Successfully passing the relevant exams will result in a lucrative bank career.

Train Employment

  • Employed by Indian Railways

Indian Railways is one of the biggest employers in the nation and offers an array of employment possibilities for students who have completed their 12th grade. The positions include railway clerks, ticket collectors, as well as RPF Constables.

  • Opportunities and Eligibility

The requirements for eligibility can differ in different jobs, but the majority of jobs require a 12th-grade certification. If you work with the railways you will enjoy protection and benefits.

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) Exam

  • The Gateway to Government Jobs

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is the body that conducts the CHSL test, which offers the opportunity to apply for entry-level jobs in different agencies of government.

  • Positions and the Preparation

To be eligible to sit for to sit for the CHSL test, applicants must be in the 12th grade. An excellent command of English and a basic understanding of numbers are essential.

Indian Navy Sailor

  • The Life at Sea

The Indian Navy offers diverse opportunities for students who have completed their 12th grade to be sailors. These include technical as well as non-technical positions to join in different branches of the Navy.

  • Training and Qualifications

Candidates must possess an official 12th-grade certificate that covers the subjects that are relevant to their subject. The selection process comprises written exams, physical fitness tests, as well as medical exams.

Indian Coast Guard

  • Protecting the Coastline

The Indian Coast Guard plays an important role in the protection of our shorelines. They have positions available such as Navik (General Duty) as well as Yantrik for candidates who are 12th-pass.

  • Beginning Stages

Candidates must be in the 12th grade, with a minimum of 50 per cent marks for Maths and Physics. The application process involves a written exam as well as a physical fitness test as well and a medical exam.

Indian Air Force Group X and the Y Examinations

  • A Career in Aviation

If you are interested in an aviation career the interested in aviation Indian Air Force offers positions in the Group X and Y tests. They offer technical and non-technical jobs.

  • Education Requirements

Candidates must be in the 12th grade, with at least 50 per cent marks for Maths and Physics. The process of selection includes an essay and physical fitness test as well as an adaptive test.


The SSC MTS test is the perfect entry-level exam for job opportunities in government. This includes jobs in many departmental offices, including ministers and the postal department.

Indian Army Clerk

  • Clerical and Administrative Roles

The Indian Army offers administrative and Clerical positions for 12th-pass students. They are vital to the efficient functioning of the Army.

  • Education Credentials

The process for gaining a job includes a written test, as well as an examination for medical reasons.


1. How do I prepare in preparation for the Civil Services Examination?

  • Learn the course then consider registering in an established coaching school or a self-study course with the aid of the study material.

2. What is the physical requirement for becoming a member of the Defence Services?

  • The physical requirements can differ based on the branch of study, however, the majority of candidates must be able to meet certain weight, height and vision requirements.

3. What can I do to excel on bank exams?

  • Make sure you practice regularly by taking mock tests and studying topics related to banking as well as keep up-to-date on the latest news. It is important to be organized in the examination.

4. What can I do to prepare myself to be ready for the Indian Air Force Group X and Y examinations?

  • Work on improving your skills in Mathematics and Physics and also English to prepare for Group X. For Group Y, you should work to improve your thinking and general knowledge capabilities. A coaching institute may prove beneficial.

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